Shipped – 20 FRC-100 Kits

20 kits

We shipped our first 20 EFHW Kits

We’ve reserved this product for FAMPARC to sell through their club.

It was a “bumpy ride” to say the least.

Their first order was 10, but that sold out in 12 hours, so they increased to 15, and then a few hours later they changed to 20. Then they put a hold on sales as they sold all those as well.

I’m rather glad they stopped selling as we had an awful time getting stock. Our suppliers basically dropped the ball. One supplier got the wrong coax connector in, then it took a week to get the right one. At the same time the other supplier failed dismally to get the cases and toroids. They claimed to have lost the order, so we re-ordered. Then of course, this is scripted, both orders arrived. Sigh whimper!

Once we had all the gear it took just a few hours to put the kits together. From the pic, you can see it packed down incredibly well.


An FRC-100 -to- FRC-100 QSO!

I had the absolute pleasure to make contact with a VK5′ who built a kit and we each used our FRC-100’s to have a QSO on 80m. I was delighted with the way it all worked and I think he was also.

I’d been a bit nervous of how constructors would fare. The coax connector does require attention to detail to get it right – he seemed happy.

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