Antenna Colors

Antenna Ccolors

Antenna Colors - Reducing Accident Hazards

Just about everyone, me included, has installed an antenna with black wire.

Black wire is good. Black wire is normal. BUT black wire is hard to see – particularly in poor light.

So we have some color options.

White – Brown – Black – Gray – Yellow – Orange. I’ve also got a roll of Pink – but haven’t got around to doing one of those yet.

Why Bother with Colored Wire?

If you setup in a public space then you are creating a tripping hazard. If someone injures themselves and you find yourself because of your antenna in litigation and paying damages, you’ll wish you’d never left home that day.

It’s all in the eye of the beholder. I quite like the white and the gray. The yellow and orange really are a bit out-there. The brown is pointless. All of a sudden the black looks a bit ho-humm bland and ordinary.

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